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marce78's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 446 (From 87 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5,840 Points

Revenge of The Kid

TROPHY HUNT Unlocked 11/21/17
10 Points
Take out your first bandit
STITCHED UP MITCH Unlocked 11/21/17
25 Points
Get some answers
TAKE NO HIT Unlocked 11/21/17
25 Points
Take no damage for 60 seconds of active play
INVINCIBLE Unlocked 11/21/17
50 Points
Win a perfect showdown
BANDIT COUNTRY 25 Points 50 bandit kills
BULLET 2 BULLET 25 Points Shoot 5 bullets mid-air
EARL GREYED-OUT 25 Points Continue your family re-union
RICK O'SHEA AWARD 25 Points 10 ricochet kills
TOOLED UP 25 Points Unlock all weapons
CLINT DEADWOOD 50 Points Say goodbye to an old friend
NO NEWS FROM NUNEZ 100 Points Settle a score

Medals Earned: 4/11 (110/385 points)


Baby jumps Unlocked 8/23/13
5 Points
500 score on Easy
Getting better Unlocked 8/23/13
10 Points
1000 score on Easy
B 25 Points 25 jumps on blue platforms in a row
G 25 Points 25 jumps on green platforms in a row
Getting the hang of it 25 Points 1000 score on Normal
R 25 Points 25 jumps on red platforms in a row
Time for a challenge 50 Points 15000 score on Normal
Above average 100 Points 30000 score on Normal

Medals Earned: 2/8 (15/265 points)


Rookie Unlocked 7/28/11
5 Points
Finish the first area
Cremation 5 Points Obliterate the first boss with all weapon slots equipped
AHK-372 10 Points Defeat the second boss
Damura 10 Points Defeat the first boss
Frequent Flyer 10 Points Fly 3,000 miles
Junkyard 10 Points Kill 4,000 enemies
Problem, Minecraft? 10 Points Collect 2,000 gems (spending them is allowed)
Variety 10 Points Use each weapon in the game at least once
Coeus 25 Points Defeat the fourth boss
Ding Ding 25 Points Reach level 20
Erebos 25 Points Defeat the third boss
Hardcore 25 Points Finish area 4 of AHK-372 with only a bullet rifle
Stealthy 25 Points Finish area 3 of Coeus without triggering any sentry lights
Untouchable 25 Points Finish area 4 of Erebos without taking any damage
Swain's Medal Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Event Horizon Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/16 (5/280 points)

Slimey's Quest (LD31)

Smashed! Unlocked 9/3/15
10 Points
You destroyed your first enemy!
Winner Unlocked 9/3/15
25 Points
You completed the game. Congratulations.

Medals Earned: 2/2 (35/35 points)


First of Four Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Defeat Shellbreaker!
Stinky Toe Unlocked 7/6/11
5 Points
Defeat Stompy!
Gravity Battle 10 Points Defeat Space Box!
Victory 10 Points Win the game!
Explorer 25 Points Find 100% map!
Happy Ending 25 Points Save Sun Snail!
Treasure Hunter 25 Points Find 100% items!
Homeless 50 Points Win Slug Mode!
Speedrunner 50 Points Win in less than 30 minutes!
The Gauntlet 50 Points Win Boss Rush!
Pilgrim Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Snelk Hunter A Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Snelk Hunter B Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Super Secret Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/14 (10/340 points)

Snowman Slide

Beat level 1 Unlocked 7/4/15
5 Points
Beat the first level of a game!
Beat level 5 Unlocked 7/4/15
5 Points
Beat the first five levels of a game!
Get 10 coins Unlocked 7/4/15
5 Points
Collect ten coins in one game
Beat level 10 Unlocked 7/4/15
10 Points
Beat the first ten levels of a game!
Score 30000 points Unlocked 7/4/15
10 Points
Collect 30,000 points in one level
Get 50 coins Unlocked 7/4/15
25 Points
Collect fifty coins in one game
Total score of 250000 5 Points Collect a total of 250,000 points in the game
Score 50000 points 10 Points Collect 50,000 points in one level
Beat all levels 25 Points Beat all 15 levels!
Score 80000 points 25 Points Collect 80,000 points in one level
Total score of 350000 25 Points Collect a total of 350,000 points in the game
Total score of 600000 25 Points Collect a total of 600,000 points in the game
Get 100 coins 50 Points Collect a hundred coins in one game
Get all coins 50 Points Collect all of the coins in a game
Least moves 50 Points Beat all levels with the least moves possible
Total score of 720000 50 Points Collect a total of 720,000 points in the game
Get all achievements 100 Points Get all of the achievements

Medals Earned: 6/17 (60/475 points)


Space Ninja Unlocked 7/16/10
10 Points
Complete the game
Peace Keeper Unlocked 7/16/10
25 Points
Don't kill any grunts
Speed Freak Unlocked 7/13/10
25 Points
Complete any level in under 30 seconds
Perfectionist 25 Points Collect all the gold
Invincible 100 Points Don't die

Medals Earned: 3/5 (60/185 points)

Spike - A Love Story

Beyond Words Unlocked 4/30/11
5 Points
Cut Off a Conversation
Centerpieces Unlocked 4/30/11
5 Points
A Nice Center Smash
Droppin' Ten Unlocked 5/1/11
5 Points
Ten Crush-Hugs
Easy Fiver Unlocked 4/30/11
5 Points
Five Love Taps
Just Barely Unlocked 4/30/11
5 Points
Far Right Smoosh
Quickie Unlocked 4/30/11
10 Points
Far Left Hit
Comedic Timing 10 Points You Obey the Rule of Three for Big Yucks!
Teen Angst 10 Points Fifteen Gory Love Lunges
You Will Survive 10 Points 20 Hits in Survival
A Perfect Love 25 Points Perfect Score in Story Mode
Blackjack 25 Points 21 Spikey Embraces
Superior Smoosher 25 Points 30 Hits in Survival
The Crusher 50 Points 40 Hits in Survival
MASTER SMASHER 100 Points 50 Hits in Survival

Medals Earned: 6/14 (35/290 points)

Spike: A Love Story Too

Rebound Unlocked 12/23/12
5 Points
You've learned the fine art of the rebound. Or just got lucky.
Six Pointer Unlocked 12/23/12
10 Points
You got your first 6 point hit! We're so proud!
Afternoon 5 Points You're over the hump!
Morning 5 Points You made it through the morning shift!
Survived Five 5 Points You've survived through 5 mascots. OK.
End of the Day 10 Points You made it! Now time for be-ew-ti-ful dreams.
Ten Down 10 Points You're getting up there!
Don't Talk to the Monsters 25 Points Perfect in the monster challenge
Keep on Smashing 25 Points You smashed 50 guys in one game sitting! That's a lot!
Dummy Challenge 50 Points You got mad points with little to work with!
Security is Nice 50 Points You completed employment mode with 100% security!
Twenty is Plenty 50 Points You survived 20 psychotic mascots! You're a spiking GOD.

Medals Earned: 2/12 (15/250 points)

Spring Ninja

HIYA!!!!!! Unlocked 10/10/13
5 Points
Kill your enemy
Kill everyone Unlocked 10/10/13
10 Points
3 star a level
Persistence 5 Points Die 100 times or more
Spring Ninja Half Way 10 Points play 16/32 levels
Game Complete 50 Points complete all 32 main levels
Master_Ninja 100 Points 3 star all levels

Medals Earned: 2/6 (15/180 points)